Edexcel Contact Number: 01204 770 6696

Phone the Edexcel general enquiries number 01204 770 6696‬ to ask a representative from the exam board about the range of GCSE and A-Level subjects that they offer qualifications for before requesting a specific past paper.


About Edexcel

Edexcel is an examination body that awards qualifications to students across the United Kingdom. In fact, Edexcel is the only privately owned examination board in the UK that regulates exams under the British National Curriculum for GCSE and A-Level subjects.


Edexcel General Enquiries – 01204 770 6696

‬‬‬Call Edexcel on their general enquiries telephone number 01204 770 6696 to contact a representative from the exam board about the range of subjects available to take as a GCSE or A Level qualification. It is essential that callers are familiar with the exam timetable and address of the examination centre as they will be penalised if they are late to take their test. For instance, if you are a student that would like a past paper to help prepare for an upcoming exam then the representative can send the document to your school or home address. Alternatively callers can enquire about how to attend a resit or the cost of having their paper remarked once they have logged into the Edexcel gateway to check their result.


Markers Helpline – 0800 1699 202

Call Edexcel on their freephone markers telephone number 0800 1699 202 for help with marking an exam or if you are unsure which grade boundary that a paper falls under. For instance, callers can request the marking criteria for both GCSE and A-Level subjects before standardising the result to the comply with the national standard. Markers should also contact the exam board for technical support when navigating the examiner extranet service or if they are specialist graduate marker working on an online analysis of an iGCSE paper as maths. You should also use the freephone markers helpline to discuss how to apply to a position as a marker as the board takes on extra staff during the peak exam times.


Call Costs and Opening Hours

Edexcel’s general enquiries helpline operates a geographic 01 contact number that will charge callers the standard per-minute rate as any other local call from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact the exam board team for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider. However, the Edexcel markers helpline will always be free to call as it uses a freephone 0800 contact number.

Edexcel is only available to be contacted during the standard working week as it operates its helplines during the opening hours of 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Key Edexcel Contact Numbers

Edexcel Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
General Enquiries 01204 770 6696 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday
Markers Helpline 0800 1699 202 8:30am-6pm Monday to Friday


Write to Edexcel

You can write to Edexcel with any enquiries or complaints at their centre in the Pearsons Qualifications London Head Office on the following address: Edexcel, 190 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BH, United Kingdom.